Nirav is a senior from Miami studying Math with a citation in Spanish. On campus, he works as a Course Assistant for Multivariable Calculus, a Student Director at the Harvard-MIT COOP, and volunteers as a teacher with Harvard’s CIVICS program. This will be his fourth (and final!) HMCSF conference and he could not be more excited!


Anagha is a junior at Harvard studying History of Science and Neuroscience. She is originally from Hopkinton, MA. Outside of HMC, Anagha is involved with the Harvard South Asian Association, Ghungroo (a student produced dance show), and research off campus. 



Halle Clottey is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Philosophy. She was born in London but currently lives in Blue Island, Illinois and has staffed conferences in San Francisco and Boston. Outside of HMC, Halle is involved in The Association of Black Harvard Women, Women in Computer Science, theater, and Harvard Model UN. She loves spending time with her family and friends as well as binge-watching TV Shows on Netflix

Carter Martindale is from the small town of Hyde Park, Utah, and joint-concentrating in government and religion. He is a sophomore in Quincy House, and outside of HMC works as a coordinator for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative, volunteers with the Small Claims Advisory Service, and loves playing with dogs.



Originally, from West Virginia, DJ is a sophomore studying Government and Economics. DJ loves mentoring and engaging with younger students. Outside of HMC, DJ also serves on the Executive Board of the Institute of Politics as Treasurer and as a representative on the Harvard Undergraduate Council. Outside of school, he enjoys a number of outdoor activities including running, biking, hiking, and skiing.

Will is a Senior in Kirkland House studying Government and Economics. Beyond HMC, polls young Americans at Harvard’s Institute of Politics and can often be found snowboarding, biking, or hiking in the mountains near his hometown in Utah



Randle is a Senior in Kirkland House concentrating in mathematics with a citation in Russian. He's from Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany. (but he was born in Seattle and has lived there twice). He's currently in Army ROTC, so after graduating he'll commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, hopefully as an infantry officer. When not staffing HMC, you can find him working at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, at the Kennedy School, out in Boston, or at the gym. He loves staffing HMCSF and looks forward to meeting all of you!

Katie is a junior in Currier House studying History of Science. She is from Plano, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas. If you get her talking about anything related to Texas, including the Cowboys, you cannot get her to stop. Katie has staffed conferences in Madrid, Boston, and Tokyo, and is looking forward to staffing HMCSF! 



Jordan is a junior studying Social Studies with a focus on Technology & Innovation. A proud Ohio native, he spends his free time watching Ohio State football, reading the news, and running. Outside of HMC, he runs a technology consulting firm and works on strategy consulting projects with nonprofits. He's passionate about education, developmental economics, and technology. He's beyond excited to meet everybody at HMCSF 2021!

Aidan is a junior living in Leverett House studying Social Studies with a secondary in Computer Science and a citation in Spanish. Outside of HMC, he loves to swim and run and can't wait to meet all of you!



Mayowa is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California studying Economics with a secondary in Psychology or Education. She mentors young girls in Strong Women, Strong girls through the Phillip Brooks House Association, serves as an Expeditions Director for Women in Business, and works as a student coordinator for the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative. She enjoys laughing at cringy movies, reading, practicing calligraphy, and trying recipes she finds online.

Nick is a junior from the small town of Granville, Ohio studying social studies and economics. Outside of HMC, Nick competes on the Harvard Mock Trial team and helps legal clients through the Small Claims Advisory Service.



Katie is a sophomore studying government and economics. Outside of HMC, she is also involved in Harvard’s traveling Model UN team and the Harvard Public Opinion Project at the Institute of Politics. In her free time, Katie can usually be found skiing or hiking in the Adirondack mountains back home. She is passionate about working to elect more women to the United States Congress and encouraging young people to vote.


Michael Pak is a sophomore at Harvard studying Economics. In addition to HMC, he is involved with the Institute of Politics and the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. Michael enjoys listening to ‘80s music, reading, tennis, and playing the violin. He is excited to be staffing HMCSF again!



John is a first-year from Massachusetts tentatively concentrating in History of Art and Architecture with a secondary in Economics. During normal times, he loves to travel and explore museums. On campus, he is a member of the Personal Finance and Consulting Group and a manager at Harvard Student Agencies. John is excited about HMCSF 2021 and hopes it is the first of many conferences that he attends.



Matt is a first-year from Ludlow, Massachusetts studying economics with a secondary in environmental science and public policy. He currently works as a legislative aide in the Massachusetts House of Representatives and previously served on the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. On campus, Matt is a percussionist in the Harvard Band and a tutor for the Harvard Student Agencies. He’s so excited to meet you!


Kevin is a sophomore at Harvard studying Chemical & Physical Biology. He hails from the suburbs of LA and is very proud to represent the San Gabriel Valley. At Harvard, he's involved with the educational non-profit space, data analytics for social good, and research in biopolymer simulations. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, listening to hyperpop, and trying new beverages at his local coffee shop.


Matylda is a first-year from New York City interested in studying economics or history with a citation in Chinese. On campus, she writes for the Crimson blog, helps run events for Science Olympiad with HUSO, and volunteers through PBHA. This is her first conference, and she cannot wait to get started!


Delaney is a first-year, from East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, planning on concentrating in Economics with a secondary in psychology. Delaney enjoys volunteering, especially in local politics, and tutoring students in her community. Outside of school and HMC, Delaney loves to go on mini-adventures with her friends and family such as skiing and hiking.



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