Dear Delegates:


Welcome to Harvard Model Congress San Francisco 2022! 


We cannot wait to welcome you to the Historical Committee. The Historical Committee is a unique opportunity at HMCSF to consider an important moment in history and reimagine the decisions made by policymakers. Rather than being constrained to what actually happened, we will instead imagine other possible paths. We will primarily be discussing the 2008 Financial Crisis. We will begin our committee after President Obama’s inauguration and consider the devastating effects of the financial crisis ripping through the United States at the time and how it can be stopped.


This year your chairs are Jack Swisher & Nahla Owens. Here’s a little more about us!


Jack is a senior in Kirkland House originally from Portola Valley, CA. He graduated this fall with a degree in Computer Science and Statistics. Outside of school, he is involved in machine learning research with a particular interest in solving interesting problems using neural networks. In his spare time, he likes playing pickup basketball with friends, watching the 49ers, and reading non-fiction and epic fantasy books.


Nahla is a first-year from Houston, Texas intending to concentrate in Government with a secondary in Educational Studies. When she’s not working with Harvard Model Congress, you can probably find her rehearsing with Expressions (the hip-hop dance group), teaching 5th graders about civic engagement with the CIVICS program, or organizing events for the Institute of Politics. She can’t wait to work with you all at this year’s HMC SF conference!


As we get closer to the conference, be on the lookout for emails about a pre-conference assignment. This will give us a great opportunity to give you feedback on skills you’ll need at the conference before we all come together in San Francisco. If you have any questions before the conference, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Special Programs, Nathan Zhao at specialprograms@hmcsanfran.org. We can’t wait to meet you!


Best wishes,


Jack Swisher and Nahla Owens


HMCSF HistComm

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