Dear HMCSF Delegates,

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress San Francisco 2020! Welcome to House Oversight and Government Reform. Our names are Felix Bulwa and Mayowa Jolayemi, and we are your co-chairs. 

In this committee, you’ll have the chance to take on the role of legislators and learn about the inner workings of the U.S. House of Representatives. This year, we’ll be focusing debate on two important issues facing the United States: electoral infrastructure and regulation of prescription drugs. As congressmen and congresswomen on this committee, you must find ways to balance the interests of many different groups when crafting legislative solutions. It will be challenging, yes, but also extremely rewarding. Beyond committee, you’ll have the opportunity to experience U.S. Congress as a wider whole, gaining important insights into the way our democracy functions. In order to contribute to the best of your ability, we encourage you to research the position of your assigned congressperson. Spend time understanding their values and stances on these and related issues, and consider the ways these opinions form. We are confident that with the right preparation, you’ll make the most of your experience and learn so, so much throughout the conference weekend! 

To fill you in on a little bit about your chairs, 

Felix is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California, studying Social Studies with a focus on government, psychology, and education. If he’s not teaching civics to 4th-graders in East Boston, you can catch him performing improv comedy or playing for the Harvard Quidditch team! He likes funny movies, quality puns, and random pop culture references.

Mayowa is a First-year from Los Angeles, California who plans to concentrate in Economics with a secondary in Psychology or Government. In addition to HMC, she mentors young girls in Strong Women, Strong girls through the Phillip Brooks House Association and serves as a Diversity Ambassador for Women in Business. She enjoys laughing at cringy movies, reading, and practicing calligraphy in her bullet journal.

We are looking forward to meeting you all in a few months! From passionate debate to exploration of resolutions, we truly hope this conference will inspire you to explore your interests in a new way, political or otherwise. Please feel free to reach out any time before the conference if you have any questions or concerns.  

Best wishes, 

Felix & Mayowa 


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