Dear Delegates:

Welcome to Harvard Model Congress San Francisco 2022! 

We cannot wait to welcome you to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. (Describe committee). We will be discussing the planetary defense briefing posted on the website. To prepare for committee, you must read this briefing — it provides all the scientific and policy background necessary for you to come up with some cool ideas for how to advance scientific progress in space and maybe even save the planet. 

This year your chairs are Will Matheson & Josephine Schizer. Here’s a little more about us!

Will is a senior from Utah, and this will be his final HMC conference! It will be a bittersweet goodbye after having these conferences make up such a big part of his college experience, and he’s especially excited to have you all be his final committee. He studies international relations at the college with a focus on China and security studies, and in general would love to answer any/all questions you have about politics/governance/IR. He’s also an avid snowboarder. 

Josephine is a first-year at Harvard from New York studying Computer Science. She’s very excited to staff her first Model Congress conference after participating in several Model Congress conferences in high school. At Harvard, she’s also part of Datamatch and Women in Computer Science, and outside of class, she loves reading, cooking, writing, and hiking. She’s looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

As we get closer to the conference, be on the lookout for emails about a pre-conference assignment. This will give us a great opportunity to give you feedback on skills you’ll need at the conference before we all come together in San Francisco. If you have any questions before the conference, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Congressional Programming, Matt Tibbitts, at We can’t wait to meet you!

Best wishes,

Will Matheson & Josephine Schizer
House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology