Once you have submitted your online registration form, please use the online payment system below to submit your school and delegate fees. If you have not yet submitted your online registration form, please do so before submitting your payment online.

School Fees


School fees must be submitted by Friday, October 12th. Please note this is the same deadline as online registration––if you register on October 12th, your school fee must be paid in full that same day.


After October 12th, all school fees on our system will increase by $100.00 (our late fee). For every 30-day period thereafter, an additional $100.00 late fee will be assessed. To avoid late fees, please make sure to meet all payment deadlines in Eastern Standard Time.



Delegate fees must be submitted by Friday, October 19th.


The Communications Director must be notified of any decreases to delegation size by this date. After the deadline passes, Faculty Advisors may only increase delegation size.


In line with HMCSF's no-refund policy, schools will not receive a delegate fee refund in the event of a decrease in delegation size.


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