Dear President Cabinet Delegates,

My name is Regina Fairfax and I am your chair for HMCSF 2020! I am a senior from Chevy Chase, Maryland studying Psychology and English. I started HMC as a delegate and have participated in 11 conferences in Boston, Asia, San Francisco, and Madrid. Outside of HMC, I am a member of the Small Claims Advising Service and tutor and mentor on campus. I love traveling and exploring all foods and am planning on attending law school after graduating from Harvard College.

The Cabinet is a fast-paced committee, where we move swiftly between discussions of presidential policy, sessions of rapid crisis management, and debates over the bills brought to us by Congress. Given the multifaceted nature of our work in Presidential Cabinet, it will be nearly impossible for you to prepare for every single discussion we’re going to have––a better use of your time would be learning the responsibilities of your assigned role, familiarizing yourself with the presidential views described within the briefings online, and coming into all committee sessions with a willingness to learn and speak up.

Looking ahead to the 2020 elections, this year the Presidential Cabinet will address a variety of pressing issues surrounding election reform, election protection, and voting rights. From redistricting, to re-enfranchisement, to voter ID laws, election procedure and protection is an essential aspect in ensuring a functioning democracy. Your job will be to look beyond the Trump administration’s rhetoric and stated proposals and address the facts. For your cabinet position, think about how elections and voting influence your department. Consider where the administration should target its reform efforts. And finally, always remember that officials––even executives––hardly ever make policy in a vacuum. Reform efforts that go beyond enforcement will require Congressional approval, all actions will be closely monitored by Courts, and public opinion is crucial as reelection looms.

I am extremely excited for the conference and am looking forward to meeting all of you in January! If you have any questions beforehand, please feel free to reach out to me and introduce yourself.

See you in January!



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