Dear Delegates,


Welcome to Harvard Model Congress San Francisco 2022! 


We cannot wait to welcome you to the Presidential Cabinet. Your job is to advise the president on any and all issues that may arise. You will be depended upon to make determinations about whether or not bills should be signed into law and will often be called into other committees to provide testimony. We will be discussing a wide variety of topics, as we must be prepared to respond to any actions taken by Congress.


This year your chairs are Aidan Keenan and Quinn Brussel. Here’s a little more about us!


Aidan is a junior from Salem, Massachusetts, living in Leverett House. He is concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Computer Science. Aidan was introduced to HMC in high school by participating in the Boston conference and has been very involved in the organization throughout college. Outside of HMC, Aidan enjoys reading, cooking, exercising, and taking long walks on the beach.


Quinn is a first-year from San Luis Obispo, California, living in Canaday Hall. He is planning to concentrate in Mathematics and/or Computer Science. Quinn first participated in HMCSF in high school and is very excited to be staffing this year. Aside from HMC, he enjoys running, playing guitar, and nervously following politics.


As we get closer to the conference, be on the lookout for emails about a pre-conference assignment. This will give us a great opportunity to give you feedback on skills you’ll need at the conference before we all come together in San Francisco. If you have any questions before the conference, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Special Programs, Nathan Zhao at We can’t wait to meet you!


Best wishes,


Aidan Keenan and Quinn Brussel 



Presidential Cabinet

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