Dear Representatives,


 Welcome! Our names are Anagha Kumar and Ryan Bayer, and we are excited to be your staffers for the Senate Armed Services committee. First, here’s a bit about us: 


Anagha is a sophomore from Hopkinton, MA who plans to concentrate in Neuroscience or History and Science. Outside of the HMC, she loves choreographing for Ghungroo, being on the board of the South Asian Association, serving on the UC, and volunteering at senior centers. She is very excited to be a staffer at HMCSF this year!


Ryan is a junior from San Diego, CA studying Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. He is incredibly passionate about teaching young people the importance of democracy, civic engagement, and public service. Outside of HMC, he is a midshipman in Harvard's Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps and will commission as an officer in the US Navy after he graduates. In his free time, Ryan enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and traveling.


The Senate Armed Services committee has legislative oversight of the nation’s military including the Department of Defense, nuclear energy, military research and development, benefits for members of the military, and other matters related to defense policy. The Committee was established in 1946 after it took on the responsibilities of the Committee on Naval Affairs and Committee on Military Affairs. The Senate Armed Services committee is considered one of the most powerful committees in Congress and takes on a more bipartisan approach than other committees as it is made up of former servicemen and women from both sides of the aisle. 


Given the wide range of topics under the committee’s purview, you should come prepared to engage in diverse and stimulating debate. Our legislative agenda this year will be focused on human trafficking and special forces reform. We can’t wait to meet all of you for what we think will be the best Senate Armed Services session yet! We’ve been preparing all year for your arrival and look forward to hearing you debate, collaborate, and learn with us. If you have any questions about the committee or conference in general, feel free to reach out to us. Looking forward to our time together.


Anagha Kumar

Ryan Bayer

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