Dear Representatives,

Welcome! Our names are Hannah Miller and Elizabeth Lively, and we are excited to be your staffers for the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Hannah is a sophomore in Quincy House concentrating in History with a citation in Hebrew. She’s from Phoenix, Arizona. After graduation she wants to pursue a career in public service or law. When she is not doing HMC, you can find her on a run, at Harvard Hillel, or listening to speakers that visit campus. This will be her third time staffing an HMC conference and she is so excited to meet you all!

Elizabeth is a junior in Adams House concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Economics. She grew up in Massachusetts, where she was part of the swim and debate teams at Needham High School. At Harvard, she is also part of the Harvard College Debating Union and Harvard Student Agencies, a student run business. Elizabeth loves to travel, drink bubble tea, and watch Grey's Anatomy.

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works was established in 1837 as the “Committee on Public Buildings and Grounds,” but in 1947 it was changed to the “Committee on Public Works,” and finally in 1977 it was named the “Committee on Environment and Public Works” and its jurisdiction has changed and expanded with each title change. It is responsible for public highways and other infrastructure construction and environmental policies.

Our legislative agenda this year will focus on endangered species protections. We encourage you to look beyond assumptions about the partisan aspects of the issue. While it is easy to generalize views, such as that conservatives would like to delist many animals from being protected species and liberals would like to increase protections, the issues are more complex and have many actors. In fact, farmers, business owners, wildlife protection groups, and scientists each have varying views on how and why to protect species both from the affects of climate change and from deforestation, habitat destruction, and hunting. Examining the different actors and the more complex parts of the issue will allow you to work in a bipartisan manner to both help businesses and preserve the environment.


We can’t wait to meet all of you and hear you debate and craft legislation!


Hannah and Elizabeth

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