Dear Delegates,


Welcome to the Harvard Model Congress San Francisco Senate Intelligence Committee! We are so happy that you’ve chosen to learn more about the United States government through our organization, and we cannot wait to meet you in January. Our names are Nathan Zhao and Camryn Jones, and we will be your chairs during committee sessions as well as your mentors/resources to reach out to prior to the conference. 


Nathan Zhao is a first-year interested in studying Economics or English. Originally from Wayland, Mass., Nathan was involved in debate and international relations for four years in high school. Outside of HMC, Nathan loves journalism, creative writing, and the outdoors. On campus, he writes for the Crimson and volunteers at the Small Claims Advisory Service, a service offering free legal information to the Greater Boston community. He is an avid Boston sports fan and will vouch for Tom Brady any day.


Camryn is a sophomore  in Pforzheimer House from Clarksburg, Maryland. She is studying Applied Mathematics with a focus field in Government and she’s pursuing a citation in Spanish. Outside of HMC, Camryn is a dancer in the Harvard Radcliffe Modern Dance Company and she teaches dance to elementary school students through a program called CityStep. This is Camryn’s second time staffing an HMC conference and she is so excited to work with you!


The Senate Intelligence Committee is a relatively new committee, established in 1976. It is tasked with keeping track of intelligence related activities and programs occurring within the United States, including those implemented by the United States government. Through acquiring information by monitoring, the committee is expected to draft legislation to regulate the activities and programs in order to ensure the constitutionality of the practices at hand. With fast developing technology and other intuitive ways to gain access to information on the rise, the Senate Intelligence Committee works to balance the permissibility of these actions with the constituents' right to privacy through legislation.


During committee sessions, one of the topics we will be focusing on data privacy in social media; a topic with a plethora of issues that are extremely relevant to our generation. We will also be focusing on Pakistan and Terrorism, which will provoke individual thoughts that will lead to extensive debate and discussion. It is important that you come to committee prepared to discuss and debate these issues, and to remember that as we are engaging in conversation, everyone comes to the table with a unique perspective that deserves to be respected. Our committee sessions are spaces for learning, growing, asking questions, and building confidence to speak in full sessions.


We are looking forward to meeting you and seeing the wonderful legislation that will come out of your great ideas. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have regarding the conference, briefing topics, or anything else.



Nathan Zhao & Camryn Jones

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