Dear Delegates:


Welcome to Harvard Model Congress San Francisco 2022! 


We cannot wait to welcome you to SCOTUS! The Supreme Court, also known as SCOTUS, is certainly a unique (and arguably the best) committee at Harvard Model Congress. All of you will be bestowed the title of Supreme Court Justice, the highest judicial seat in the United States. As those who decide the nation’s legal precedents, it is up to all of you to deeply contemplate and rigorously debate the newest legal dilemmas of the nation. Throughout the conference, you will get the chance to serve as appellate lawyers, appellees, and justices. 


As always, you will be given several cases in which your job is to either argue as appellate or appellee, or to adjudicate as justices. One of our cases will be concerning the limits of the first amendment in press coverage. You will have to decide whether a newspaper defamed an online celebrity through their coverage of a viral deepfake video. Our second case will involve an examination of fourth amendment protections. You will determine whether a police search of a vehicle was justified by a defendant driving without a license and other relevant factors. Lastly, we will turn to housing policy. You must decide whether disparate allocations of housing tax credits along racial lines stand up to constitutional scrutiny.


This year your chairs are Nick Maxwell & Sofia Giannuzzi. Here’s a little more about us!


Nick is a senior from a small town in Ohio studying Social Studies with a secondary in Economics. In addition to HMC, Nick is involved with Harvard’s Mock Trial team, the Small Claims Advisory Service, and a foreign policy group on campus. This is his third time staffing SCOTUS at HMCSF! He loves chess, The Economist magazine, and his two dogs (please ask for pictures).

Sofia is a first-year from Connecticut and is hoping to get a joint concentration in Computer Science and English. In her free time, she is affiliated with Women in Computer Science, and works in website development and journalism with Harvard’s Percentage Project. She can’t wait to staff her first conference at HMCSF 2022!


As we get closer to the conference, be on the lookout for emails about a pre-conference assignment. This will give us a great opportunity to give you feedback on skills you’ll need at the conference before we all come together in San Francisco. If you have any questions before the conference, please feel free to reach out to the Director of Special Programs, Nathan Zhao at We can’t wait to meet you!


Best wishes,


Nick Maxwell & Sofia Giannuzzi 



Maxwell_Headshot (2) - Nicholas Maxwell.