Harvard model congress


January 14-16, 2022

Founded in 2001, HMCSF is one of the best civic engagement conferences under the umbrella organization of Harvard Model Congress, the nation’s oldest government simulation conference run exclusively by undergraduates at Harvard College.​ First and foremost a teaching institution, HMC is also the most dynamic model congress simulation available to high school students.


Over the course of the conference, HMCSF 2022 will offer students the unique opportunity to dive into the issues and debates facing the United States Congress today. Our approach, centered around small-group learning, inspires debate, cooperation, and legislation — while also forcing students to expand their own perspectives and to understand the issues at hand in a new, more nuanced way.


run by harvard students


Delegate to Staffer Ratio


Years Promoting Civic Engagement 

“Working to empower America’s youth, preparing them to be the leaders and thinkers of the future, the Harvard Model Congress has provided many of our country’s brightest scholars with invaluable lessons in statecraft.”

President Bill Clinton

“Harvard Model Congress encourages young people…to participate in public service and civic life. This unique opportunity gives you a platform to get involved; to experience first-hand…how our government works.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren, (D-MA)

HMCSF 2022 will take place
January 14-16, 2022