Harvard Model Congress San Francisco is proud to offer scholarships for our 2022 conference. We encourage students to apply on the basis of both financial need and merit. Our scholarship committee will thoroughly review every application in order to appropriately accommodate each applicant. As you fill out your application below, please email any questions to Katelyn Turner at


The application portal is accessible below, but we recommend preparing your answers in a separate document and then copying and pasting them so that you can save your work. You will be asked for some personal contact information, an estimate of your family's gross annual income, a one-page letter of recommendation from a Faculty Recommender, an optional video submission, and the following personal response questions:

List your extracurricular activities and briefly describe your involvement. Feel free to include any Model Congress experience, but please note that HMC experience is not necessary to be awarded a scholarship. (200 characters max)

Briefly describe your passions, including potential career plans or future goals. (200 characters max)

Tell us something fun or interesting about yourself. (200 characters max)

What do you hope to gain from attending HMC San Francisco, and how do you hope this experience will impact you beyond the conference? (1500 characters max)

Please explain why you are applying for a scholarship. If you have extenuating circumstances, such as an illness in the family, siblings in college, or recent job loss, please also let us know here.